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We can take instructions on any type of matter direct from this website and give basic advice by email. We operate a no win no fee policy in respect of many types of litigation and also offer a half hour free initial interview.

Looking to the future
So called 'crash for cash' frauds are a blight not only on the motor insurance industry but also on honest drivers. The High Court made that point as it meted out stiff punishments to nine people who made dishonest compensation claims following alleged road...
Aircraft passengers ultimately put their safety in the hands of pilots, but if things go wrong, it is only fair that they are compensated for any injuries suffered. In one case, a man who was lucky to survive when a friend's microlight nose-dived to the...
In an ideal world, public authorities would protect everyone against all foreseeable risks of injury. That, however, is an obviously unobtainable panacea and, as one Court of Appeal ruling showed, limits on public resources have to be taken into account when...