About Us

There have been solicitors at 8 Church Lane for about 250 years. The partnership of Mellor & Jackson was created in the 1920’s when Robert Oswald Mellor (who had previously worked at 7 Church Lane) and Albert Jackson (who had previously worked at 10 Church Lane) joined forces and moved into 8 Church Lane, taking over the old law firm of Clegg and Wild.

For a time during and just after the Second World War, the practice was amalgamated with Armstrong, Whittaker and Ogden whose offices were in the old Williams & Glynn’s Bank Chambers on Church Terrace.

The firm returned to being Mellor & Jackson in 1950 when George Cheetham bought the practice, entering into partnership with Joan Littlewood in 1953. Leslie Brook joined the firm in 1955.

Following the retirement of John Cartmell and Leslie Brook in 1988, the partnership was transferred to Michael Cheetham (who joined the Practice in 1962 as an articled clerk and who qualified as a solicitor in 1968), John Edmondson (who qualified in 1972) and Rosalind Callander (who qualified in 1987).

In October 2009, Michael Cheetham and Rosalind Callander retired from the partnership and Tanvir Ahmed Qureshi and Mohammed Afzal Khan joined the firm as partners in association with their Longsight practice, Khan’s Solicitors.

The firm has traditionally been regarded as a family practice, providing a comprehensive legal service to all its clients. Its policy is to continue in this fashion providing a friendly and efficient service but with an emphasis on competitiveness in the current environment.

The firm’s unique logo has its own long history. For details click here.

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